McKinley Community School PledgeTop of Page

  1. To discover all students’ capabilities and to help them achieve maximum potential.
  2. To impart the concepts and skills of Language Arts Literacy and Mathematics; to prepare students for future education and work.
  3. To increase knowledge and develop critical thinking.
  4. To maximize students’ abilities to become independent learners.
  5. To understand and appreciate the methods of Science.
  6. To promote skills to be a positive member of the school community.
  7. To create an atmosphere where students can feel recognized, secure and successful.
  8. To encourage an appreciation for beauty in art, music, literature and the environment.
  9. To foster an awareness of a healthy body and the skills necessary for the enjoyment of wholesome recreational activities.
  10. To expose students to constructive uses of leisure time both as participants and appreciative observers.